Created For Connection


*Created For Connection is a unique and powerful relationship workshop that helps couples to:

-better understand romantic love and the pivotal moves and moments that define a relationship.

-better understand their own and their partner's emotional responses and needs.

-be able to describe and control negative interactions/spirals that create pain and distance.

-be able to shape the positive moments of reaching and responding that create a secure bond.

Created For Connection  guides couples through a series of private conversations essential in strengthening their relationship.  The 7 conversations are described in more detail in the book, *"Created For Connection" by Dr Sue Johnson with Kenny Sanderfer, copyright 2016.  Although not necessary, it helps if couples pick up the book and familiarize themselves with the material before attending the workshop.  It also helps to check out any of Sue Johnson's free videos on Youtube. 

The workshop is not intended to overload couples with knowledge, but rather focuses on helping couples build their emotional presence skills and strengthen their sense of closeness.

As facilitator, I try to create a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere where couples can feel  supported in their attempts to create a better and more secure bond with their partner.  In this process, couples learn to move beyond their negative responses and shape more open, flexible and positive responses with their partner.  Depending on the location, there may also be a co-facilitator.

Finally, these workshops shine light on how deeply and profoundly God has created us for connection to Him and to our loved ones:

"I can see now, GOD, that your decisions are right;...

Oh, love me - and right now! - Hold Me Tight!

just the way you promised.

Now comfort me so I can live, really live;

your revelation is the tune I dance to."                                          

              -Psalm 119:75-77 (The Message)

Together, applying Biblical truths and well-documented counseling principles in a workshop format, couples create a foundation for real and lasting positive change and find the love and connection with their partners that they were created to experience!

Exerpts taken from "The Hold Me Tight Program, Facilitators Guide" by Dr Sue Johnson, copyright 2010, All rights Reserved.

Created For Connection Workshop Information


Created For Connection @COTA:

Church of The Apostles

1520 Bull St.

Columbia, SC. 29201

to be rescheduled

Space limited to the first 30 couples that register!

Register by going to:

Other Information

A Workshop guide will be provided that you can write in and take notes.

Please let us know if any special accommodations will be needed.

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Additional Information

Other Created For Connections coming in 2020.  Check back often to find a workshop located near you!


Some Created For Connection Testimonials

The Toxic Dance...

The Toxic Dance...

The Toxic Dance...


"I was looking for ways/tools to navigate through tough conversations with my partner.  I not only got those tools, but I was able to recognize the toxic dance that I get into with my partner..."

Generic Fluff...

The Toxic Dance...

The Toxic Dance...


"I can be skeptical about workshops...always wondering if they are truly biblical and not just generic fluff...this was a great one!"

Raw Spots...

The Toxic Dance...

The Conversations...


"We had some great conversations acknowledging, apologizing for, and accepting things we've done...We have a new awareness of the deeper emotions and raw spots."

The Conversations...

The Conversations...

The Conversations...


"The way the conversations were constructed made it easy for us to communicate our emotions to each other in a clear way without conflict."

Going Deeper...

The Conversations...

Going Deeper...


"We were really able to go deep and understand each other just a little more and I feel great about it!"

The Terrain...

The Conversations...

Going Deeper...


"I know that my husband and I will benefit from this workshop because we know "the terrain" better than ever before.  We've attended other workshops/conferences on marriage, but this is the only one where I felt like we both had the proper time and guidance in digging deeper."

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